My fascination with the human and animal condition continues to challenge me when interpreting such moving themes of personal strength, growth, diversity and change within our daily existence.  Inspiration is found in stories past and present that share and reveal how living organisms are connected to one another and how they thrive everyday.  These stories often leave an impression, whether it’s the emotional, physical or spiritual connections within life found around me or those imagined and read in various publications.  Recent works have portrayed my love for portraiture combined with my passion for storytelling when applied to the theme of “relationships”.  In my latest work the focus has turned towards “wild and very stylized” flowers and landscapes integrating my own vision and creativity.  These unique new pieces are part of a series, entitled: “About the Neighbour’s Yard”.  Relationships and diversity between neighbouring people and the land they co-inhabit is further explored in this latest series.    

Each new idea is looked at as a beginning to a visual story in which the figure(s), animal(s) and flowers are the primary subjects.  The positioning and size of each subject is the key; they set my stories in motion, always creating a feeling of joy within me as I shape and place them.  The bodies are stylistically exaggerated in order to create wonder as well as expand the negative spaces that surround them.  The symbols and objects that accumulate in these negative spaces help link each relationship, and add to the overall narrative.  The environments that surround the main subjects frame each story, and help pull the composition together.
I paint on carefully selected pieces of wood that contain spontaneous areas of texture.  With the additional use of wood carving tools I've been able to enhance the texture by removing pieces while still maintaining the natural patterns.  I feel that working on found wood compliments my deep interest in people, wildlife and the environment by linking each element with the steady flow of surface relief.  Through constant experimentation with colour and layering using graphite, molding paste, acrylic and oil, I have discovered that each is equally important and has a purpose within my process. 
As I anticipate moving forward, I will continue to draw inspiration from life as I see and feel it.  I hope through the steady development of my style and each new idea that springs to mind that I continue to be challenged while facing new possibilities.