Peter Schacht is a Kitchener-based illustrator and visual artist who specializes' in painting landscapes, portraits and original narratives using uniquely stylized figures, flowers and animals. While attending Sheridan College in Oakville Peter majored in Interpretive Illustration that consisted of studies in Book, Editorial and Advertising Illustration. Shortly after graduating he became an Assistant Project Coordinator for KOR Gallery & Studios where he received two six-month contracts from the Youth Service Canada Project. During this time Peter continued to work at a local art supply store. With his personable nature he began a dialogue one day at the store with an established Illustrator. The following conversations led him to a job as a Studio Assistant. Working and learning along side an Editorial Illustrator helped inspire him to create an original world of figures, wildlife and landscapes of his own.  He has contributed his art to a number of publications including Today's Parent, Golf Digest and Utne Reader and continues to explore opportunities in the Illustration field.

Encouraged by family members including his mother Patricia who is a gifted pastel artist he applied and was accepted into the 2004 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. This venture marked his first step into the area of fine art display in a public space. He still holds that exhilarating weekend experience very close to his heart. A few years later he was awarded Honourable Mention in the Mixed Media category at the same exhibition.  Peter continues to pursue and participate in Gallery shows along with indoor and outdoor art fairs in south central Ontario.  The Ontario Arts Council has awarded him multiple Grants in the Emerging and Exhibition Assistance categories.  As he moves forward in his artistic endeavours he remains passionate about presenting a unique vision and style within his portraiture as well as in human, wildlife and landscape narratives that reflect upon life, past, present and future.